‘Elizabeth Siddal’, Juleigh Howard-Hobson

Hair like red smoke. Like haze. Hardly human

Anymore. A shroud of hair. A cloud. An

Obscuring veil between the worlds. A fine

Halo surrounding poetry consigned

To the ages. Hair unkept. Hair unruined.

Hair unrotted. Shiny as albumin,

Bright as blood. Hair spread out in the coffin,

Like her mantle. Tangled intertwined

Hair, like red smoke

Rising and descending, twisting within.

Knotting itself. Pushing the tight wooden

Lid. Convoluting against the confines

Of the earth. Almost undermined

By a manuscript. Buried, dug up– then

Hair like red smoke.

Juleigh Howard-Hobson has had her work published in Coffin Bell, Noir Nation, Wild World and Peach Velvet. Her most recent collection is entitled Our Otherworld

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